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The aim of NET Academies Trust is to promote and lead innovative practice in our schools and classrooms to help raise educational outcomes for all pupils.

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Philosophy for Children

Philosophy for children’ (P4C) began with the work of Professor Matthew Lipman.

Lipman believed that young children possess the tools needed to think rationally and could be encouraged to respond philosophically. At Katherines we have also adopted this Philosophy.

P4C encourages pupils to use a dialogue-driven method to influence others in the classroom, to listen to and respond to their interpretation of a given subject. Children are encouraged to think rationally and build a balanced arguments with their peers which could in turn alter another’s view point for the better. P4C encourages stillness in class and an opportunity to reflect whist examining viewpoints and strengthening thought processes.

The point of subject in a P4C session changes from a picture, to a video from a story to and advert. Children are expected to be able to build opinions based on enquiry and compose structured responses to those in their group. Pupils are encouraged to realise that they are not always right and that they can learn through discussion which in turn adapts their thinking. The session opens up avenues of enquiry in a safe environment where all opinions are considered. This learning behaviour is then reflected across the curriculum providing our children with the confidence and self-assurance that their voice matters. Whilst also providing them with lifelong skills in the appreciation of others viewpoints and beliefs.