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The aim of NET Academies Trust is to promote and lead innovative practice in our schools and classrooms to help raise educational outcomes for all pupils.

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Meet the Staff                     

Staff List 2020-2021

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Jo Coton

CEO/Executive Headteacher

Mrs Annette Norris

Head of School

Mrs Jeannette Harman

Deputy Headteacher


Class Teachers EYFS

Mrs Teresa Platt & Mrs N Hindocha  (Learning Support Assistants)


Miss Anne Curran and Miss Hannah Hickey



Class Teachers KS1

Mrs Joyce Lewis

Year 1

Mrs Emily Knights 

Year 1/2

Miss Cathy Bouwer

Year 2


Class Teachers KS2

Mr Joe Thomas and Mrs Jeannette Harman

Year 3

Mrs Shannon Zeidan-Molloy

Year 4/3

Mrs Elizabeth Dodd

Year 4/5

Miss Emily Heinz

Year 5/6

Mr Nicholas Newton

Year 6

Support Staff

Miss Claire Whitehouse

Office Manager

Miss Hollie Johnson

Admin Assistant

Mr Matthew Mitchell

Site Manager

Mrs Valerie Philips


Miss Emma Crossingham


Mrs Deborah Turner

Learning Support Assistant

Miss Samantha Whiteland

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Debbie Chapman

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Charrise Leijs

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Susan Rice

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Danielle To

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Diana Hassan

Learning Support Assistant

Miss Jade Cruse

Learning Support Assistant and Midday Assistant 

Mrs June Dunn


Miss Melissa Smith

Catering Manager/Cleaner

Mr Daniel Doe

Assistant Cook

Mrs Suzanne Stacey

Catering Assistant

Mrs Lorraine Stening

Catering Assistant

Mrs Sharon Flack

Midday Assistant

Mrs Sarah Jones

Midday Assistant

Miss Kirsty Fox

Midday Assistant

Miss Kelly Pike

Midday Assistant

Mrs Victoria Fisher

Family Liaison Officer


Central Shared Service Team

Mr Gareth Jones

Mathematics Lead Practitioner

Mr Craig Bailey

PE Teacher

Mrs Andrea Hanson

Director Of Inclusion

Mrs Nicola Eves


Mrs Ruth Crowland

SENCo and Specialist Teacher

Mrs Anne Bonner

Speech and Language Therapist

Mrs Linda Wagstaff

Safeguarding Officer

Mrs Kathy Collins 

Chief Operations Officer

Mrs Anna Atkinson

Communications and Operations Manager

Mrs Mel Culverhouse 

Operations Officer

Mrs Sarah Plume

Finance Manager

Mrs Amanda Shaw

HR & Payroll Manager

Mrs S O'Donnell

Estates & Premises Manager

Mrs Dani Wehrli

Assistant Finance Manager

Miss Ashley Whitbread 

Finance Assistant

Mrs Lynne Smith

Finance Assistant

Mrs Lisa Monk