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The aim of NET Academies Trust is to promote and lead innovative practice in our schools and classrooms to help raise educational outcomes for all pupils.

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Awards and Celebrations

Celebration Certificates

At Katherines pupils are recognised for achievements that are personal to their own ability. Milestones are marked with a gold stars on their class wall chart. Pupils are then awarded with a metal pin badge of their respective star in the weekly celebration assembly, for each band of 10 gold stars they have received. Pupils are then encouraged to wear these pin badges as part of their school uniform.

Weekly Certificates

We open our doors once a week, by personal invitation only, to parents and careers of those pupils who will receive an award from their class teacher in the celebration assembly. Academic achievement, personal achievement, social and moral achievement, perseverance and determination are just some of the certificates that are awarded during these assemblies.

Reading at Home

At Katherines we recognise that parents have the most to offer when it comes to hearing their child read. You know their favourite spot to sit to ensure that they are comfortable, you can control the noise around the house to make sure that it is quiet and the TV is turned off and you can offer 5 minutes of your time to listen to your child read spending quality one on one time together in the home. To reward your child’s efforts we have placed a reading chart in every child’s home school reading record. Once you have signed your child’s reading record, noting what your child has achieved and what they still need to improve on, a sticker will be placed on your child’s chart. Every time you hear your child read a sticker will be added until the chart is complete; they will then receive a small prize in school to recognise their efforts when reading at home.

100 Square


The 100 square is used to celebrate whole class achievement, either a target that they are working on as a group, we will all know our four times table by December, or to recognise whole class achievement, waking through the school quietly, starting reading at the beginning of the day anything that is achieved as a collective is rewarded with a cross on their 100 square. The class then choose their own reward which they work for together. Once the 100 square is complete the class receives their reward.